The Face of LA2K

The Face of LA2K




I'm sure that some of you are wondering "what’s with all the baby pictures.. I mean, yes, cute - babies are cute Kylie - but why and how is this relevant to your blog?? Why did it seem appropriate to plaster the face of LA2K with baby pictures??" 


Let me explain..


The Basics

First off: if you happened to read (or even skim) my about page, you probably learned that the creation of this blog was in response to a personal desire and enjoyment that comes from making people happy; and who doesn't smile, or get #BabyFever, when they see a cute @$$ baby!?  (yes, I am calling myself a cute baby)


Second: this blog is about life in my perspective (we know) - and in my opinion, active living starts when you're born. From the second you come out of the womb you're learning, analyzing, and absorbing information; although it may be on an extremely basic level, infants are able to create the very necessary foundation on which to build more complex ideas, opinions, emotions, understanding, exploration etc. 


SO, you could argue that these building blocks, "Infant-hood" (yes, that just became a word) and adolescence, are a large determiner of the unique perspectives and experiences developed over a lifetime (adulthood). 


Getting to the Point: The whole idea behind the baby pictures is simply put.


1. They are my baby pictures: a) I'm not tryna be weird and post pictures of rando babies on my website. b) This blog represents who I am, how I became who I am, and where I'm going - which was shaped by my childhood.

2. Happiness: Even if it's only a little, babies tend to have an effect on most people, that other things don't have; they create a sense of attachment and happiness - kinda like puppies but not exactly (yes, I just compared babies to puppies but who hasn't before!? I mean they both go potty wherever they want, whine when they don't get attention for 5 seconds, and love unconditionally for absolutely no reason)


2a. Yes, I might be using a skosh of psychology on you - but it all has a positive outcome so #CalmDown


3. I promised that this blog would continue to be authentic.


Generally speaking, the most authentic individuals on this planet are children - before we learn to be insecure, hide our opinions, hide our emotions, and not be true to ourselves.


Children are the ones who said you can't draw - because you probably can't. The ones who purposefully wore seven different patterns on the same day. The ones who casually started and ended the day with dirt smeared across their face. The ones who tell you they know more than you - because they really think they do. The ones who have literally no filter. The ones whos' unintentional honesty might hurt your feelings. The ones who aren't afraid of asking a "stupid question". The ones who said that Tommy was a "meany fart face" - because he was. The ones who hugged you with all their might because they hadn't seen you since yesterday.


I mean, children have mastered the art of being bold, being fearless, and being authentically themselves which is exactly what this blog stands for.


So why not plaster the face of LA2K with baby pictures!? 



But thats According 2 Me, 

of course...




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