I'm not here to waste anyone's time with that #FakeNews or anything that I'm not genuinely excited and ready to share; I'm here because I love people and I wanted to create a safe, positive, and enjoyable community for all. 

My Goal: understand, practice, and demonstrate that it's always better to be bold, be Fearless, and be you.

But, that's According 2 Me

of course...



Wowie Zowie. Alright, well - Here we go.

I feel like this is the part where I whip out my iPhone and search the "get to know me" tag, answer the 20 questions that supposedly give you the sparks notes version of who I am, and leave it at that!

However convenient and easy that maybe, I'm more of the 'likes to create intimate and meaningful relationships' type of girl so, like every relationship, this is a two-way street: if you want to get to know me, I gotta get to know you. #Effort

A Few Things:

1) For me, it's important to remember that although sometimes life can be hopelessly challenging and extremely unbearable, thankfully we've got a grace filled Lord on our side. #GodIsGood

2) Frequently, I come up with nonsense words to use in everyday language, which also means that I will purposefully spell things wrong for either emphasis or just because - so get used it, or get over ET!

2a) That is definitely not an excuse for my lack of spelling skills.. pshhhhh - whhhaattt!?

Note to Self: When in doubt, pronounce phonetically

3) The hashtags are staying #SorryNotSorry - and there's more where that came from

4) If there's something you're itching to know about Lil' ol' me, knowledge you'd like to share, a recommendation for a blog post, a dilemma that you'd like discussed, or anything really, then head to the Contact Me page! I love talking to you guys and getting to know you through questions, stories, advice, etc! So PLEASE don't be afraid to utilize that!

5) Realistically, this blog will be about whatever I'm inspired by at the moment: from reviews to how-to's, I'm your gal. I don't like to stick to the plan becasue I don't always know what I'm going to post or when it'll be posted but I promise that everything on this site is and will continue to be authentic. 

So yeah.